How to use Legos to build your house of trees

How to use Legos to build your house of trees

In the Lego Movie, a building that looks like a house of plants, plants and leaves is shown in a Lego movie.

But in this case, the house of lights is built out of Legos.

In this video, we’ll walk through how to build the LEGO house of the house in the movie.1.

Choose your Legos Lego building style The first thing you need to decide is which Legos style you want to build out of.

The Lego Movie house of light is the most traditional Lego house style.

That means that the bricks are all made from the same material, but the building itself is different from the movie house of darkness.

The lights in the house are actually LED lights that are attached to the base of the Lego house of flames.

Lego houses are usually made of wood, which is easier to build and lighter.2.

Pick the color Lego house colors are a bit of a mess.

Most Lego houses will come in a wide range of colors, but there are a few different colors you should pick.

The most popular color for Legos is blue.

For example, the red and blue Legos are popular, so choosing this color will give you the most variety in the colors you build.

The next most popular colors are black, yellow, and red.


Pick a base The Lego house you choose will have a specific base on it.

Most Legos have bases that can be shaped to fit the shape of your house.

For this video we’ll choose a flat base that is roughly 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall.


Build the base The base should be made of either wood or plastic.

Some Lego houses also have an optional base that you can build into, but you’ll need to buy it separately.

Lego bases are great for children because they are light and inexpensive.

Lego bricks will last longer than bricks made of regular brick bricks, and they don’t need to be replaced frequently.5.

Build your bricks This is where the fun begins.

The base is the only part of the building you’ll have to build with Lego bricks.

For the lights in this house, they need to all be attached to one of the Legos bricks.

The light is attached to a piece of plastic and the bricks, the building blocks, are attached using screws.6.

Build from the base Lego bricks are one of your most important parts in building a Lego house.

They’re usually pretty durable, and most Lego houses have a removable base.

So if you don’t have a base, the bricks will need to fall out.7.

Build a Lego wall Lego walls are a great way to add more detail to your Lego house without building a whole new one.

If you want a Lego building wall to look like a real house, look for a Lego model with at least one brick on the outside.

If the Lego model is too big, it can make it difficult to attach the bricks to the walls, which can make the whole thing look unfinished.8.

Build out the Lego bricks Once you’ve built out your base, it’s time to attach your bricks to it.

The easiest way to do this is with glue.

Glue is glue that sticks to the Lego brick.

You can use a glue gun, a glue stick, or just plain old a regular glue gun.

Make sure you’re using glue that’s not too strong.9.

Glues and screws Legos and other Legos also come in many different types of screws.

They can be used for attaching the bricks directly to the bricks or on top of them.

There are also special glue sticks you can use to attach them to the building bricks.

But the best glue for Lego houses is a thick glue called Bocko.

The thick glue makes it much easier to stick the bricks on top.10.

Placing the bricks in place The bricks in their own holes will help them stick to the brick.

They’ll also keep the glue from slipping out of the holes.

If everything is well-placed, the Lego houses should be able to stick together like Lego bricks do.


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